Waterfall’s state-of-the-art security is provided by boundary walls, dedicated guard houses and thermal imaging cameras with video analytics and potential threat tracking – making the perimeter virtually impenetrable.

A typical perimeter within Waterfall consists of a four-meter high reinforced concrete wall, topped with electric fencing and mounted CCTV cameras. A dedicated control room monitors this perimeter wall, in addition to the entire Waterfall being well lit at night and frequently patrolled by highly trained guards with guard dogs.

Every estate has its own boundary wall and gatehouse/s, with each gatehouse featuring biometric access control for residents with number plate recognition and pre-access for all visitors through a uniquely coded system. This not only creates an unbroken audit trail for all entrants onto the estate, but also ensures that access cannot be compromised by security guards – even under duress.

All security systems including gatehouses, perimeter cameras, control rooms and security lighting schemes have dedicated back-up generators to ensure uninterrupted surveillance. In short, security at Waterfall has been implemented to be managed at the highest level whilst maintaining a sense of personal freedom for residents and patrons.