In Waterfall, Eskom is the supplier of all electricity. The result is that Waterfall residents pay 30% less for electricity than they would have paid City Power, if they resided anywhere else in Johannesburg. In addition, Waterfall provides alternative energy in the form of reticulated Liquid Petroleum Gas. The LPG is siphoned from on-site storage facilities, guaranteeing a constant supply no matter the demand, with huge cost-savings to boot. Virtually all homes on Waterfall are fitted with gas hobs and gas or solar geysers.

When it comes to technology, Waterfall residents can make phone calls, use the internet and watch television through a modern optic fibre network connected to each home. They can choose between Analogue or IP telephone services which allow them to make and receive local, national and international calls. Digital television signals are centrally distributed over the fibre network to every home and eliminate the need for individual satellite dishes, while broadband internet services, offering fast access speeds with capped or uncapped data packages, are provided by a range of internet service providers.

Upon registration of their stands, residents at Waterfall receive a digital key, affording them access to the Waterfall portal. This site allows residents to follow the latest happenings within the development through updated newsletters and pin boards, as well as gaining access to their rates and taxes statements, among other things.