Sustainable Housing Guidelines

Passive design or ‘green’ architecture is not only socially responsible, but has been shown to add to the value of any property development. To this end, Waterfall Management Company employed a team of leading professionals to create a series of architectural guidelines specifically aimed at enforcing green design, while remaining true to the unique Highveld vernacular intrinsic to the estate.

The result is that virtually all house designs on Waterfall are sustainable and eco-friendly. Homes have been built to be thermally efficient thanks to solar geysers and panels, while low energy lighting and appliances make them energy efficient too. Passive heating and cooling of the building thanks, in part, to proper orientation and shading as well as improved insulation and ventilation, not only minimizes environmental impact, but also ensures low running costs. Finally, natural materials such as stone, brick, wood and glass offer the triple advantage of being energy efficient, low maintenance and becoming more beautiful with age.

“We have realized a truly unique, South African architecture that has been developed in harmony with the environment, embracing natural materials in their true form and responding effectively to the Highveld climate.” – Century Property Developments

Refer to our Sustainable Housing Guidelines for more information.