Architectural guidelines

To secure the aesthetic integrity of the residential estates in Waterfall and provide a controlled building environment, architectural guidelines have been developed in consultation with leading firms of architects, urban designers, consultants and landscaping professionals.

The guidelines ensure long-term property values whilst offering homeowners freedom of expression through flexibility and choice. They embrace design styles that reflect both classical and contemporary interpretations of a Highveld vernacular and encourage the use of materials such as glass, wood, stone, steel, aluminium, exposed bricks and concrete in their natural state. Apart from being low maintenance, the materials improve as buildings mature and effortlessly blend into the striking indigenous landscaped parkland. The idea is that the design of houses throughout Waterfall should be a celebration of our South African climate and lifestyle.

While most homes on Waterfall have now been built, there are still a few empty stands up for resale. This means that, should you wish to build your dream home here in Waterfall, you can still do so! You can either choose from estate-approved architects, contractors and building packages or take responsibility for the design and construction of your own home.

An aesthetics committee, consisting of accredited architects and technical specialists, has been appointed to evaluate all house plans and designs prior to construction to ensure that the architectural guidelines are applied appropriately and estate standards are upheld.